Chromecast TV Streamer for Android


Chrome cast is a small circular device built by google using which you can run various android apps in your smart television and do a lot more from it. The chrome cast app is a life saver for all the internet users and the tech lovers as it provides a whole lot of features and makes you fell like living in the suture, there are number of chrome cast apps which are cool.


There are a lot of apps specially designed for the chrome cast app but the google home is the best of it and it is the official app developed by google itself to give you the ultimate control over the app. Like there are specific applications designed for each devices, like android wear, android auto, there are some application which will work great with chrome cast.



It doesn’t mean that those apps don’t work great with other devices, but it works cool with chrome cast and you will feel great for having it installed in your chrome cast. SO I will mention some apps that you should definitely try out in your chrome cast.

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Game Killer for iOS No Jailbreak


Game Killer is designed for Android devices only. This app is one of the most popular among the Android users due to its popularity. Now, this app is available on the iOS devices also. This Game Killer App helps you to get unlimited coins, gems, and money from all your favorite Android games. It modifies and hacks offline games on your device.


This Game Killer app works only on the rooted devices. But you can use this app on your iOS device without Jailbreaking it. This is one of the best game hacking tools where you can get unlimited coins, gems, lives, and money. But let me remind you one thing that this app is not available on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. But no worries, today we will guide you through how you can get this App for iOS devices.



Features of Game Killer App for iOS:

  1. First of all, Game Killer App is available for free of cost.
  2. With the help of this app, you can play and download any game on your device easily.
  3. This app can modify all kinds of games like Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush and get unlimited coins, gems, money, etc.
  4. You can download the latest version of Game Killer App on your iOS device.
  5. With the help of this app, you can easily upload your any games on your device.

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Lucky Patcher Apk [No Root] Latest Version


What precisely Lucky Patcher is and why it's getting increasingly prominent in android/ios group? Lucky patcher enables you to get all free in-application buys and open concealed highlights from android amusements and applications. The instructional exercise is straightforward however in the event that you have some issue, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I might want to show you each of these capacities step-wise and in addition you can download free apk record of Lucky patcher from our webpage.


Extraordinary compared to other component of lucky patcher is that it works even on non-established gadgets yet you should take note of that Lucky Patcher works completely on rooted device. For instance if your gadget isn't established, you can root it rapidly with kingroot on the grounds that it doesn't expect PC to root. I chose to transfer some additional photographs and join them to this instructional exercise, I trust it makes a difference.



To be completely forthright, you won't have the capacity to utilize all of conceivable highlights on non established gadget and this is the reality. Be that as it may, don't stress, you can utilize numerous critical highlights, for example, free in-application buys. You can find out about all the accessible highlights for Non-established gadgets on this greeting page, please read them painstakingly. You will discover download catches, highlights, photographs and entire guide underneath.

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How To Improve The Performance Of Your Android Tablet


Has your trusty old Android tablet been acting up recently? Has it been lagging more often than usual? Has it been freezing in the process of executing even the most basic function? This is probably due to one of the factors that will be discussed later in the article. And, not to worry, your Android tablet can be restored to peak performance with just a few steps. All of these will be succinctly detailed in this article but first, let us address the issues of that could be making your Android phone fail you.


Operating System Updates And Heavier Applications


Most likely, your phone does not run on the same version of the software the manufacturers equipped it with. Android operating systems regularly undergo automatic updates. Sometimes, these updates are not compatible with your phone and this can cause it to lag. Also, the manufacturer of your device might have included bloatware applications in the update. This will run as a background application and most times, it slows your device down. Sometimes, your phone lag might not be due to a software update. Most apps get heavier with each update. That is why a lot of new Android devices have an updated RAM to make enable them to handle these upgraded apps with ease. However, your device has not received a hardware update. When you download these apps, your phone’s operating system slows down and this results in the lag that is making you so frustrated with your phone.


Background Processes



Some of the apps on your phone open automatically at startup and then run as background applications. This uses up a lot a device memory and CPU resources. The more apps that run as background processes, the more your phone slows down. Other processes that consume a lot of memory and CPU resources are live wallpapers and homescreen widgets. You can check the background apps on your phone by opening the Apps section in the Settings screen. If you check the ‘Running” category, you will see a list off these apps.


A Nearly Full System


If you phone is running low on storage space, it will automatically start to lag. There are some drives on your device known as Solid State Drives. When you start filling them up, these drives start to slow down. You can check the current storage situation of your device through the “Storage” option on the Settings screen. Then you can get rid of expendable files that are taking up space. Your device regularly creates cache files and these grow larger with time. You should regularly free your phone of cached data.


No Solid State Trim


When the Google Nexus 7 tablet was launched, the major complaint of users was that it slowed down over time. This is largely due to the fact that the device was not equipped with a proper TRIM support system. Google rectified this by adding a good TRIM support system to the Android 4.3 upgrade. Therefore if you have a Google Nexus device that is lagging, simply upgrading to Android 4.3 should solve this. On regular devices, you can download the LagFix app to take care of TRIM functions. However, you have to enable the app to get root access first.


The TRIM function is important because of the performance structure of solid state drives. These drives tend to slow down because an Android device’s flash memory cells must be completely cleared before they can be utilized again. What TRIM does is that it makes these memory cells free of unnecessary data and this ensures that the device runs effectively and the cells are available for future use. There are certain steps to take if you want to ensure that your device functions effectively. These are:


Remove Applications That You Don’t Need


The more applications you have on your phone, the more storage space they consume. Therefore, you should regularly free your device of applications that you don’t have much use for. With this in mind, you should only download applications that you know are useful to you. This goes a long way in ensuring that your device is not choked up by the work processes from both useful and unused apps.


Close Applications


It has already been established that too many background processes will make your device lag. Therefore, you should close an application when you are done using it. When you do this, your device’s memory will have more space to successfully run the other applications on your phone.


Avoid Heavy Applications


Applications come in varying sizes. Heavier applications obviously take up more storage space. Therefore, before you download an app, you should look at the size of the file. If it is large, I will advice you to look for another app that will perform the same functions while still maintaining a relatively small file size. An instance is the case of web browsers. Some versions of the Opera Mini app are as large as 80 megabytes. This will obviously take up more storage space than a Google Chrome app that is just around 30 megabytes. Both apps perform the same functions so you will be ill advised to download the larger variety at the expense of your Android device’s health.


Don’t Use Live Wallpapers


Live wallpapers are unique. With them, your Android device has a wallpaper that is literally moving. However, you should note that despite the beauty of live wallpapers, they use up a lot of CPU memory. And to further confound the situation, they run as background applications. Therefore, for the sake of your device’s CPU and your battery life, you will be better off using the regular wallpapers. You can download a lot of beautiful and customizable ones on Google Play Store.


Turn Off Maps And Location Settings


The map application is automatically set to autostart any time you switch on your Android device. And if you happen to have a GPS enabled tablet, your device is in danger of constantly lagging and restarting. This is due to the fact that this setting drains, not just the device’s battery, but also a lot of CPU memory space.


Stop Animations


This functions in the same way as Live Wallpapers. They may beautify your device but they also reduce the performance of your tablet drastically. They run as background processes and once you disable them in the tablet’s settings, your device will have more space to execute other programs.

An instance is the case of web browsers

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  • This uses up a lot a device memory and CPU resources. The more apps that run as background processes, the more your phone slows down.

  • You can check the background apps on your phone by opening the Apps section in the Settings screen. If you check the 'Running" category, you will see a list off these apps.

  • If you phone is running low on storage space, it will automatically start to lag. There are some drives on your device known as Solid State Drives.


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