Chromecast TV Streamer for Android


Chrome cast is a small circular device built by google using which you can run various android apps in your smart television and do a lot more from it. The chrome cast app is a life saver for all the internet users and the tech lovers as it provides a whole lot of features and makes you fell like living in the suture, there are number of chrome cast apps which are cool.


There are a lot of apps specially designed for the chrome cast app but the google home is the best of it and it is the official app developed by google itself to give you the ultimate control over the Like there are specific applications designed for each devices, like android wear, android auto, there are some application which will work great with chrome cast.



It doesn’t mean that those apps don’t work great with other devices, but it works cool with chrome cast and you will feel great for having it installed in your chrome cast. SO I will mention some apps that you should definitely try out in your chrome cast.

Top 3 apps to try in Chrome cast



Everyone knows Netflix, it is a popular production company and they also provide you video stream service, in form of channel, website and also application, many of you might have used the Netflix website and some might have also tried the app, but using it in chrome cast is really cool, because it will open new doors, it is like it is specially made for chrome cast as the movies and songs that they provide are meant to be enjoyed in a large screen like television.

Hulu and Hulu Plus


Hulu is no difference form Netflix, but hulu adds more contents than netflix, hulu adds other things like documentary, cartoon, anime, etc. The 3 famous shows Family Guy, Gotham and Anarchy are telecasted only in hulu and there are a lot more things, like the materialistic user interface and the sections and category of the app makes it stand out.

HBO and HBO HD and HBO Now


These 3 channels can be live telecasted from one single app names HBO TV, which available for free to download and you can stream the channel in HD for free, however if you want to stream it in 2K or 4K, then you have to pay and buy the premium subscription. This is a must try application for all the users, as having this app you will never feel boared, as it provides you with interesting movies, non stop without any ads in between!

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  • This uses up a lot a device memory and CPU resources. The more apps that run as background processes, the more your phone slows down.

  • You can check the background apps on your phone by opening the Apps section in the Settings screen. If you check the 'Running" category, you will see a list off these apps.

  • If you phone is running low on storage space, it will automatically start to lag. There are some drives on your device known as Solid State Drives.


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