5 Best Multi Player Unblocked Games which you can Play Right Now


Many People out there are playing unblocked games on the regular basis. I bet even you are also playing the games every day. Now you want to share the fun of playing the unblocked games with your friends. That is the reason why you are searching for the multi player unblocked games right. Don't Worry, Even I'm like you :) Just want to play games with friends and family every day to have some more extra fun. So in this article, I have collected all the important and best unblocked games which has a option of multi player.

Top 5 Multi Player Unblocked Games:

The top 5 Multi player games which you can start playing to some fun with friends and families. I used to play these 5 top games every day and enjoy alot. Let's check them now...

Soccer Physics Mobile Unblocked:

Play alone or with another player friend this game with rag players. Use your skill and jump at the right moment to put all the goals you get to your opponent. Play many two-player matches to decide the winner of this soccer tournament that links physics to sports.

Soccer Physics Mobile Game Controls:

Player 1: Arrow UP to jump.

Player 2: W key to jump.

Crazy Zombie v8.0 Super Heroes 3 unblocked:

Fight against the invasion of zombies with superheroes from all over the world. You can play alone or with a friend with Goku, Super Mario, Hulk, Naruto, Bob Parr and many more. Combine the martial arts together with the Western super powers.

Crazy Zombie Game Controls:

Player 1:

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Use the J, U, I, O keys to attack.
  • Use K to jump and
  • Use L to dodge.

Player 2:

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the numbers 1, 4, 5, 6 to attack.
  • Use key 2 to jump and
  • Use 3 to dodge.

Electric Man 2 Unblocked Game:

Electric Man 2 Unblocked Games is the best game to be played. Create your own Stickman stick character and eliminate the enemies with your martial skills. Use normal blows or the most powerful. Choose each level and eliminate the stick enemies so that you become the master of the fights. To use the strongest hits you will have to wait for them to charge and they will work in slow motion.

Electric Man 2 Game Controls:

  • Arrow keys: move
  • A, S, D: high blow, kick, grab enemy
  • Q, W, E: high blow, kick, grab powerful enemy
  • Spacebar: continue
  • N: exit the game

Sonic Rivals Dash Unblocked:

Play alone or with a friend this fun adventure with Sonic and Shadow. Dodge the obstacles and collect as many gold rings as you can. If you play two you will have to compete to see who comes first at the end of the stage and with more rings in the pure style of Sonic and Shadow.

Sonic Rivals Dash Game Controls:

Player 1 :

  • Z key: run.
  • X key: Jump.
  • Key C to slide and attack.

Player 2:

  • J key to run
  • K key to Jump
  • L Key to slide and attack

Rooftop Snipers Unblocked Game:

Play against the computer or against a friend this shooting duel. The goal is to make the opponent fall from the ceiling. Accept the challenge and jump so that the shots do not reach you. Aim holding the key down and release to shoot and send your opponent through the air.

Rooftop Snipers Game Controls:

Player 1:

  • W: jump.
  • E: shoot.

Player 2:

  • I: jump.
  • O: shoot.


These are the best 5 multi player unblocked games which you should at least play once with your friends and enjoy the game play. We hope we have cleared all the questions which you have. Keep visiting for more awesome tutorials.

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